Summer or Winter Tires: Be Prepared

When it comes to your vehicle, maintaining it properly can ensure a safe and smooth drive. Whether a car, truck or SUV, every make and model of vehicle has its own specific idiosyncrasies that need addressing. While overall service and upkeep of what's under the hood is imperative, you cannot dismiss the importance of the tires.

If you purchased a used Lexus or used Nissan from Midway Automotive Corp, then there is no better place to keep your car or SUV tires maintained than our dealership. Our service center technicians can provide a detailed review of not only brakes, oil changes, and exhaust systems but also tire maintenance and repair. In addition, our technicians provide a comprehensive review to let you know everything that could possibly be wrong with your vehicle in a moment's notice. Schedule a test drive and visit our used car dealership in Abington, MA today fort tire maintenance and replacement. You will find Midway Automotive Corp conveniently located less than 10 minutes away from Brockton.

The Importance of Maintenance

Tires are like the new pair of shoes, if you properly maintain them throughout the life of the wear, you get an extended life. Ultimately, you will know the shoes have reached their last steps, because the obvious wear and tear will begin to take its toll. Not only shall you discard the shoe but upgrading to a new pair ensures your footwear safety. This same analogy rings true with a good set of tires on your car, and both can prove equally as important to your own personal safety.

If it is time to replace the tires, you might be concerned about spending an excessive amount of money to replace them. However, you can have confidence in knowing that buying your new tires from the right dealership. Buying used SUV tires or truck tires from our dealership near Braintree, MA provides you with a host of other benefits, other than affordability.

Seasonal Protection

Whether you purchase winter, summer, or all-season tires from Midway Automotive Corp, we can recommend the perfect matches for your used Toyota or used Ford, depending on the season. Our technicians know full well that winters in New England can be harsh, so we tend to keep a generous stock of winter and robust all-season tires when the time arrives. A good all-wheel, or four-wheel-drive system proves advantageous during the Weymouth Winters, but neither of these drivetrains will matter much without a sturdy set of tires providing the right amount of traction in adverse weather conditions.

Tire Protection

Many dealerships have the advantage of offering their customers perks that can extend the wear on a tire. One such perk here in Abington, MA is through scheduled maintenance and reviews on your tires at a minimal cost to you. This type of protection most often includes the following:

  • Tire rotations
  • An air pressure inspection
  • Leak repair/patching (if applicable)

With these three mechanisms, there is an avoided system in place that allows you to take advantage of the anticipated life of the tire.

Professional Installation Service

Allowing a professional to install and maintain the tires of your used BMW can have tremendous benefits. With our professional technicians who know tires and brands well, you will have the confidence knowing that your tires will be mounted, rotated, and installed according to design. Additionally, after a proper alignment balance and resetting, you will enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride out to Braintree, MA, with be no evidence of shakiness or road noise as you go down the highway. This is a perk that must be taken advantage of, because it makes no sense for you to buy tires from one location and have them installed at another.

This will make your purchase experience much more enjoyable with the confidence that your tires are positioned to last an extremely long time; with this, the return on your investment will far exceed its value.

Winter Tires

Ice, snow and wintry effects make frequent appearances in New England, so we recommend pursuing a set of winter tires, especially if you live in areas of more intense winter weather. While all-season tires have their place on the role, some might not be as effective in winter conditions as snow tires. Winter-specific tires utilize their own specialized rubber combination to gain the most traction on freezing, icy, and snowy roads. The grooves and edges are specifically engineered to grasp the snow and to expeditiously remove water from the path of the tire, more so than their summer tire counterparts, which are not built to handle frozen water.

Winter tires are designed for just about any vehicle on the road today, whether you purchased a used Ford or Nissan from us. It doesn't matter if you have a compact car, wagon, sedan or SUV, these tires work effectively regardless. We carry winter SUV tires and winter car tires alike, giving any car a competitive edge against the elements when the New England snow sets in.

Planning for Easy Transition

It is highly recommended to always have your winter tires already mounted on its own separate set of rims. Therefore, when that period of the year comes around, all you have to do is bolt the tires on the vehicle which saves time each fall or spring. Typically, this is when you would need to transition your winter tires in preparation for and be relieved of those brutal winter periods. If you find separate rims elsewhere and need help with installation, we can help you out here at Midway Automotive Corp.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Our service center carries winter and all-season tires from some of the top brands on the market today. Whether you need some routine maintenance to preserve the lifespan of your tires, or it's time for all of them to be replaced, we invite you to schedule a service appointment at Midway Automotive Corp. You can schedule an appointment online and use our speedy directions for the best route to our service department here at 411 Brockton Ave in Abington, MA.

We hope to hear from you soon!


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