Most Common Body Shop Repairs at Midway Automotive Corp

Here at our auto body shop near Brockton, we've got the tools and technology to ensure that we can complete every repair job efficiently and on time. From dent removal and auto body painting to window replacement and frame alignment, our Midway service team can do it all. If you're in the market for car repair for your Toyota SUV in Abington, Midway Automotive Corp is the place to go. Let's take a closer look at some of the services that we provide and review some of the most common auto body repairs that we see near Weymouth.

Dent Removal

Does your BMW have a dent? Fender benders and small accidents happen all the time, so we're not surprised that a majority of our work consists of dent removal. Whether you've got a new car or something pre-owned, a small dent can affect the way your car looks and, if not treated properly, can cause more damage down the road. If your BMW is dented and you need a reliable auto repair center that you can trust, look no further than Midway Automotive Corp. Dent removal is a tedious process, but luckily our service team is trained to fix, restore, and repair various dents, everywhere from your driver's side door to your trunk. For this, we use a combination of heat and a variety of dent removal tools that are specially designed not to damage your vehicle.

Fresh Auto Body Painting

Does your well-used Toyota need a face lift? A fresh coat of paint is a great way to restore the exterior of your vehicle after sustaining damage from an accident. Here at Midway Automotive Corp, we color match your vehicle to ensure that our new paint job is professional and non-distinguishable from the existing coat. Utilizing a combination of air-less sprayers and paint guns, our body shop experts near Braintree, MA, are fast and efficient when it comes to coating your vehicle evenly with a fresh coat of paint. If you're looking for a brand new paint job, ask us about what color options we have available for your Toyota model.

Window Repairs & Replacement

Is that windshield crack on your Nissan becoming a problem? If you need new windows or a chipped piece of glass fixed on your windshield, our service team can help with that. Whether you're looking for new power windows for the front seat of your Nissan, a new panoramic sunroof, or a new tinted back windshield, we've got your needs covered here at Midway Automotive Corp. Not only will replace and install your new windows, but can also assist with getting them tinted if that's what your old vehicle had.

Frame Repair & Alignment 

Perhaps your Lexus requires frame repair or an entire frame rebuild, you want to make sure you get an expert to work on it who knows what they're doing. Your vehicle's frame is a critical structural component that helps protect you and your passengers in Quincy, MA, so it's important to seek out an automotive professional who knows how to keep you safe. Not only will our Midway staff repair and align your broken frame, but we'll ensure that it gets returned to you even stronger than when you dropped it off to us.

Trust the Midway Automotive Body Shop

Here at Midway Automotive Corp, our certified service staff is ready to help restore your vehicle to its factory quality. Professionally trained to handle a variety of auto body repairs, including frame repair, window replacement, auto body painting, and dent removal, our service team has what it takes to help fix your vehicle when you need it most. For more information and to schedule a service appointment, please call or contact us online at Midway Automotive Corp today! We look forward to working with you!

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