Much like root canals, stubbed toes, and waiting in line at the bank, getting in a car accident can take a lot of momentum out of your day. Between the cost associated with repairs and the indeterminate amount of time you'll be without your car if you have it repaired at some service centers around Quincy and Weymouth, it can be a significant source of stress. But fortunately, when you come to the body shop here at Midway Automotive, you'll find a team of auto body repair professionals ready and willing to go above and beyond to take the stress out of being in a car accident, and we'd love to show you how simple it can be to get back out on the road when you entrust your ride to us.

As an Abington, MA dealership that deals in used Toyota cars, used Nissan cars, used Ford vehicles, and more on a daily basis, we've dealt with all sorts of auto body repair work over the years. From simple scratches, scuffs, and scrapes like the one you see in the picture above, to more complex collision damage that has effected internal mechanisms and damaged frames, we've assisted in auto repair great and small.

When you come to us for auto body repair, you can count on finding a team of trained service technicians ready to assist with your every need. We employ the latest techniques and tools, from paintless dent repair to auto glass repair to frame testing, straightening, and much more. Plus, we work with a variety of major insurance agencies, so you can skip the hassle and paperwork that comes to entrusting your car to other less reputable service centers around Brockton and Braintree. In fact, our body shop here at Midway Automotive is so well-known and respected that we even frequently work on used luxury cars like used BMW models and used Lexus models, so you know we've got the chops to tackle all your repair work.

But while we could go on telling you about why you should bring your car to us in the event of an accident, we'd much rather just show you the benefits of counting on us for all your auto service needs. Get in touch with our auto body repair center here in Abington, MA and let us put your mind at ease and help you get your car back to 100 percent!

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