Let Us Help You Take Care of Your Tires at Midway Automotive Corp

Tires are the only thing that stand between you and bumpy, icy or hot surfaces, and having the right kind of car or truck tires for the season or situation is imperative. If you keep your tires well maintained, they’ll give you years of safe and durable service. Whether you need a tire rotation for a used Toyota or all of the tires on your Ford need replacement, schedule an appointment here at Midway Automotive Corp, located in Abington and less than 40 minutes outside of Quincy, MA.

The Right Tires for the Right Temperatures

Depending on your climate, you may be able to get away with all-season tires, ones that can handle moderate summer temperatures, rain, and the occasional light snowfall. If you live in the desert or a snowy climate, your best option is to purchase an appropriate set formulated both chemically and texturally to handle the challenges of your climate.

If your climate has snowy winters, you should change your tires seasonally for a set that stays pliable in freezing temperatures and has a deep tread for traction on snow or ice. As winters around New England areas, such as Brockton, MA can prove more intense some seasons, a set of winter tires might prove ideal for your used BMW.

Maintenance is Important!

Tire rotations keep your set from wearing out too quickly, which will in time cost you additional money with an early replacement. You should also check your tire pressure frequently to ensure their air levels remain ideal at all times. Your owner's manual will have an exact figure for ideal tire pressure, and this number changes during the winters in Weymouth, so make sure you adjust accordingly.

Contact us for Clarity

If you’d like professional attention for your tires, we’re happy to help you here, Midway Automotive Corp. Our expert mechanics can quickly and accurately perform tire rotations, install a new set of tires, or complete an alignment so that your vehicle is driving as smoothly and as safely as possible. Check with us often to see if we’re offering any specials for additional savings on any of these vital services and schedule a service appointment today! You will find our service center conveniently located just 20 minutes outside of Braintree, MA, in Abington.


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